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Nicole grew up in South Louisville

and saw firsthand the challenges many parents face to provide for their children. Her dad worked in manufacturing and, Nicole says, “He often had to work two jobs in order to make sure we had enough.  Money was often short and stress was sometimes high.”  Fortunately, community outreach in the form of supportive teachers, neighbors, and social services were there to bridge the gaps.

She got her first job at 16, at the Pizza Hut on Dixie Highway. Nicole worked there during high school earning money to put toward college. She saw the money struggles and stressors many of her customers, co-workers and fellow students experienced and that influenced her own decision about the path she would choose for herself: public service.

Nicole has dedicated her professional career

to helping Kentucky’s children grow up to live healthy and productive lives.  She has years of experience helping families in tough circumstances overcome challenges and get the resources they need for themselves and their kids.

Years of experience as a project manager and social work professional give Nicole a unique understanding of how government works at the local, state and federal level. As a member of the Metro Council, Nicole will fight to make sure that government is working for the people, neighborhoods and businesses of the 21st District.

Nicole’s vision

includes a plan to increase economic development in South Louisville.  She’ll work with the Louisville Airport to reduce noise and with LMPD to strengthen neighborhood safety. See more 

“So many people in South Louisville work hard, pay their taxes, contribute to their community but aren’t getting the services they need and deserve because they need someone fighting for them in City Hall. That’s what I want to do. That’s why I’m asking for your vote.”