In April 2017, I filed to run for Metro Council. Since then, I’ve been actively listening to District 21 community members. I’ve been participating in events, holding monthly meet-ups, and going door-to-door to hear from folks throughout the District. From that listening, several key areas for attention emerged. 

I am constructing an informed, multi-pronged, action-oriented proposal for how I plan to represent OUR community. This platform will be the first of several detailed plans I will be releasing throughout January. 

If elected, I will be poised to immediately implement SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-limited) objectives to accomplish these goals.

Thank you for your attention to this platform. I welcome your input!  Please feel free to contact me at:


Infrastructure and Sustainability Platform

A. Goal: Lessen the Amount of Standing Water Within the District

Activity #1: Identify priority areas where there is standing water or flooding issues.

Activity #2: Increase awareness around existing resources (for example,sump pump disconnect – pushes water back  or the backflow program -stops water from coming in) and community driven strategies (for example,  adopt a catch basin program, install a rain barrel).

Activity #3: Collaborate with MSD to request assessments and leverage funds by combining projects with Public Works to ensure a more meaningful impact.

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B. Goal: Reduce the Number of Non-Delivery Tractor-Trailer Trucks on Residential Roads

Activity #1: Increase public awareness around tracking of non-delivery tractor-trailer trucks on residential roads (what information is needed and where to report).

Activity #2: Promote the existing community proposed South End truck route and signage to stakeholders, Kentucky Trucking Association, and area businesses.

Activity #3: Seek feedback from and collaborate with community stakeholders, The Kentucky Trucking Association, area businesses, and KIPDA on the existing proposed South End truck route toward the creation of a Metro ordinance.

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C. Goal: Minimize Airport Noise for Residents

Activity #1: Increase public awareness of the current noise assessment (2015), including opportunities for those living in areas with noise over 65 decibels.

Activity #2: Promote advocacy groups, such as the Airport Neighbor’s Alliance, proposed state and federal legislation ( for example: KY tax legislation for sound insulation or HR 3938 Air Traffic Noise and Pollution Expert Consensus Act), and mechanisms for voicing concerns directly to Louisville International Airport.

Activity #3: Develop a strong relationship between the Airport Authority and the District 21.

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D. Goal: Reduce the Presence of Litter and Illegal Dumping to advance the natural environment

Activity #1: Encourage implementing a community-lead “Adopt a Hotspot” program.

Activity #2: Identify areas needing waste receptacles and/or more frequent trash pickups.

Activity #3: Partner with Brightside, Metro Parks, and schools to reduce litter and illegal dumping through the promotion of positive messaging on signage and the creation of uniquely designed trash receptacles to encourage use. 

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E. Goal: Increase Community Investment in Vacant Housing

Activity #1: Continue conducting an assessment identifying vacant property and categorizing its status (for example, foreclosure, death of owner, abandonment)

Activity #2: Collaborate with Jefferson County Circuit Court Commissioner, PVA, Louisville Forward, and community stakeholders to identify challenges and best practices for addressing vacant housing.

Activity #3: Organize a district-wide vacant housing summit to increase community interest, knowledge, and empowerment to enable community members to better advocate for vacant property maintenance and homeownership.  

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