I am a proud member of a union family

Growing up my Dad

worked in manufacturing for a non-union employer. He often held two jobs in order to ensure our basic needs were met, but the financial stress combined with workplace dissatisfaction had a direct impact on the quality of our family life.

Link Electrical Company


It wasn’t until I met my husband and his family that I learned the value of being in a union. My father-in-law, Ricky George Sr., spent his career working as a union journeyman wireman where he later became the owner of the second-oldest union electrical  contractor in Louisville– Link Electrical Company.



Ricky Junior and Senior

My husband Ricky

grew up seeing how being represented by a union made a huge difference in his family’s life and he followed in his Dad’s footsteps becoming a union electrical contractor as well.



I joined the George family

18 years ago when Ricky George Jr. and I married.  In doing so,  I became the beneficiary of second generation union labor. The economic stability allowed me the freedom to make professional decisions such as choosing a career in social work, attending graduate school, and resignation from a state merit position to assist with statewide child welfare reform. In turn, these decisions gave me the opportunity to give back to the community.  None of this would have been possible without the stability that union labor provided my family.

I am proud to be a pro-labor candidate for District 21 and will actively support organized labor and workers.